Love yourself enough to live a healthy life.

Change the future

You can’t change the past, but you can start today and change the future.

  • Are your digestive symptoms debilitating and making you miserable?

    Feelings of frustration, overwhelm, embarrassment, helplessness, alongside regular bloating, stomach spasms and cramps, acid reflux, having to run to the toilet often, or not going at all, will most definitely wear you down.

  • Perhaps your sparkle has faded and you don’t recognise the person looking back at you in the mirror, or you have learned to tolerate your symptoms and you’ve accepted that this is now your ‘normal’.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I am here to help you.

Investigating the root cause of these symptoms is crucial for optimal, long-term health.

So, make yourself a priority. Just one small step can lead to great gains.


Take your first small step

Your Health

Your health is an investment,
not an expense

My Mission

Deirdre is a fully qualified, registered Nutritional Therapist.

Her passion for health & wellness is obvious. She exudes it, she loves it, she breathes it.

Her drive to support & empower people on their journey for health has touched so many lives.

She sees the importance of educating people on the pillars of health and helping them to become connected to themselves, to Mother Earth and the universe.


“It’s easy to see why people are confused when it comes to health and the foods they should eat. What they read or who they listen to on media platforms, will have a huge part to play in this. The truth is,

  • Health is about positive habits, not restrictions.
  • Health means and looks different to everybody.
  • Health is not a destination, but a way of life.

Let me help you make these positive changes.
Make yourself a priority”

- Deirdre Crilly

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy promotes health through nutrition and lifestyle support. It views the body as a whole, searching for the underlying causes of ill-health, rather than focusing on symptoms.


The Healing Power of Light

If you have been micromanaging your food, rotating through prescriptions & supplements & exercising regularly without the full relief of your symptoms, then you must know that there is something missing.


Meet Deirdre

Deirdre is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, registered with CNHC and BANT. She is determined to educate, support and empower you as you move towards your health transformation.

Your health is an investment, not an expense - wellness concept - handwriting on a napkin with a fresh apple


One to one consultations are available in person or online. With the right tools your body can heal itself. Deirdre can help you understand what your body needs.

Adele, Newry

"In December, my son was diagnosed with Covid-19 and while I was negative, I had a bad chest infection. Deirdre was able to advise us on the best practices for supporting our immune system. Within days I could feel my chest clearing and my son was a lot brighter. I would definitely recommend Complete Health Solutions for all your health needs."

Richard, Belfast

"Deirdre was fantastic for me. She was like a detective studying my diet and lifestyle, identifying where I was going wrong and then she put me on a new path. She was very professional and the results have made a huge difference, even to this day."

Coleen, Warrenpoint

"Having tried many pharmaceutical and traditional medical approaches for severe inflammatory and gastrointestinal conditions, I was desperate to find a treatment plan which would really give me a better quality of life.

Deirdre undertook a full assessment and detailed medical history to deliver an individual plan which worked.
She developed a plan which not only encourages me to look after my body, but tailored an evidenced-based, natural, balanced diet.

Deirdre ensured that my plan was practical so I could manage with a busy life.
She ensured I understood the reason behind each approach to assist me to recognise, from my body, any adjustments which were required.

My quality of life improved significantly, in particular the anti-inflammatory diet.
I know that anyone who requires help with nutrition, natural healing, with an honest approach that works, will benefit with Deirdre.

The results were quicker than I thought.

This unique level of understanding underpins her practice and success for clients."

Alan, Belfast

"I went to see Deirdre as I was having a lot of bloating and my skin, particularly on my head, was itching and dry. Following her advice, I eliminated a number of allergens, some things I would never have thought of as being potential allergens, and I realised that gluten was a big issue for me. With all her knowledge and suggestions of alternatives, it has actually been really easy for me to put this new eating lifestyle into practice. I haven’t looked back and I feel great!"

Deirdre, Donegal

"I found Deirdre extremely professional and her advice sound. The diet changes and general advice improved my wellbeing and gave me more energy. I found the handouts and information shared helpful and clear. As a result, I continue to use Deirdre's recommendations months after my consultations."

Remember ‘small steps make great gains’

Are you ready to take that first step?

I’m excited to watch your transformation.

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