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As I child I am sure I was every parent’s nightmare…a fussy eater. It was only when I was in my 20s that I broadened my choice of foods. I tried and loved a variety of fruits and vegetables, fish and meats, even pasta. I tested different tastes and textures.

By my 30s, I read and researched many areas of health and made many organic changes to my diet and lifestyle. My eyes and heart were opening to, what I have to say is, my passion.

Little did I know that in 2017, after a close relative asked for help with their diet to improve their health, that I was about to embark on MY health journey- both academically and personally, and I was never going to look back.

Deirdre the Nutritional Therapist

CNMDip with distinction, rCNHC, mBANT, mANP

It’s easy to see why people are confused when it comes to health and the foods they should eat. What they read or who they listen to on media platforms, will have a huge part to play in this.

My goal, in this sea of (mis)information, is to educate and support people.

There are many people sitting at home tolerating ill health and living with dis-ease: painful periods, pain in the body, bloating, going to the loo twice a week or failing to get to the toilet on time, struggling with menopause, heartburn, poor sleep, low energy, being indoors, on our phones for a huge chunk of the day, the list is endless.

They have convinced themselves this is normal. This is NOT normal.

People may not know that they can change this.

A lot of people do not know what optimal health feels like.

We are so connected technologically, but so disconnected with our bodies and what it needs to live optimally.

Humans need light & sun, nature & fresh air, nutrition, sleep, hydration, purpose, connection, community, movement.

At Complete Health Solutions, my mission is to teach people what their body needs and support them in their journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

Complete Health Solutions is a hub for wellness, health, spirituality and community to steer us back towards connectiveness. Connection with ourselves and our bodies, with others and Mother Nature.

My Mission and Vision

Deirdre has a vision to create a place of sanctuary. A place where we leave judgment, self-loathing and negativity at the door. A place where we learn what it means to be healthy from the inside out.

Her mission is to educate people on the pillars of health and wellbeing and helping them to become connected to themselves.  Her goal is to empower individuals to make changes, even simple ones, towards 'being well', finding our purpose, our tribe, our community, how to be at peace with and within ourselves, rather than being controlled by dis-ease. Learning how to be mindful and silent in this fast-paced world, the power of nature and being reminded of its beauty.

June summer sun solstice concept with silhouette of happy young woman's hands relaxing, meditating and holding sunset against warm golden hour sky on the beach with natural ocean or sea background

Why clients choose Deirdre

  • Vast knowledge of all areas of health

  • Uses a whole-body approach, taking account of the mind, body, soul and environment

  • No nonsense, evidence-based approach to health and wellbeing, with sustainable results

  • Respects that each person is unique, therefore, delivers personalised, tried and tested programmes and advice

  • Passionate about natural medicine, which goes beyond nutrition and encompasses the pillars of health and wellbeing

  • Personal experience of poor gut health. Deirdre has tried many approaches to improve her digestive function.

  • Incorporates new scientific research that recognises that quantum processes occur in our cells & is driven by sunlight, our light environment & the cycles of Mother Nature.

CNM Nutritional Therapist
Your Health

Your health is an investment,
not an expense

Remember ‘small steps make great gains’

Are you ready to take that first step?

I’m excited to watch your transformation.

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