Benefits of Earthing

Earthing or grounding is the act of bare skin touching the Earth’s surface. This simple act has a number of extraordinary health benefits.

The Earth’s surface has an infinite number of electrons. As the Earth’s surface becomes electron-poor, lightning strikes replenish it.

As we are semi – conductor beings (meaning we conduct electrical charge i.e. electrons), we can instantly draw the Earth’s electrons into our bodies when our bare skin touches its surface.
More specifically, our fascia (also known as our connective tissue) & our exclusion zone water (a special type of water that is found inside & outside of every cell in our body) are both semi-conductors which allows electrons to flow from the earth into our body.

This electron flow is ‘free energy’ & a huge source of antioxidants.

Grounding also helps us build a store of extra electrons (known as redox potential). This is useful as there may be times we need to calm excessive free radicals or want them to become water in the mitochondria.

How do we use grounding for better health?

  • We simply need to go barefoot on the grass, concrete (not tarmac), sand, water. You could even go for a dip in the sea, hug a tree or even lay on the grass, skin exposed to it.
  • Avoid prolonged use/exposure of artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wifi, electronics, smart meters, power lines, Bluetooth devices. These can drain the body of electrons, however, regular, consistent grounding may mitigate the effects of these.

What are the benefits?


How long does it take to see benefits?

  • Instantly: electrons flow

  • Within seconds: we balance our autonomic nervous system

  • Within minutes: we improve our red blood cell behaviour, calms our nervous system, muscles begin to relax & return to normal tension

  • Within 20 mins: our heart rate variability improves

  • Within 30-45mins: we can see significant reductions in chronic inflammation on thermal scans

  • Within 30-120mins: Stress reduction, pain relief, blood flows more freely aiding circulation and wound healing, supports the cardiovascular system and healthy blood pressure, a more positive, relaxed mood & the above


Where have we gone wrong?

Our modern lifestyles have left us disconnected from Mother Nature & the Earth’s surface.

We are covered up & wear rubber soled shoes, meaning we are not benefiting from its free electron/antioxidant flow, which leads to increased inflammation. Remember, antioxidants calm inflammation.

Indigenous cultures, in cold climates, are able to remain connected by wearing animal hyde shoes.

What do I do if I cannot get outside often enough?

You don’t have to go out in one 45min block to get the benefits. All your ‘earthing’ breaks add up.

Alternatively, you can by some earthing products like shoes (Harmony783) or grounding mats (intuition physician).

The goal at Complete Health Solutions is to bring balance back to the mind, body & soul of clients. It is important that we connect back to Mother Earth.

That is what sets Deirdre apart from other practitioners. She not only looks at your body & nutrition as a whole, but your lifestyle & light environment. They give her a complete picture of every client & shows her where healing & change needs to take place.

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