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Did you know…We are energy?

Everything has a vibration- the trees, emotions, bacteria, viruses, parasites, even the cells in our body.

But we are different because we all vibrate at different frequencies.


Bio-Resonance: Vibrational Healing

Bio-Resonance is a non-invasive experience.

Inaudible vibrational signals, via two-way headphones, are used to send the correct frequencies of each of the main cell types in the body to the brain.

If the corresponding cells in the body are healthy, they will vibrate in exact harmony with the signal. This is picked up by the computer.

If there is disharmony, this is measured & analysed. It creates a change in the display on the computer screen as the person is scanned.

What happens next?

The response is colour coded on the screen.

Symbols graded from yellow (healthy) through to black (needing attention) appear on each layer of the body that is scanned, indicating which areas of tissue are stressed or imbalanced.

The programme will automatically delve deep into the cells to determine the location of a potential problem, going right down to the DNA, to determine cellular disharmony.

It is like the conductor of an orchestra listening carefully to the symphony, then going through the orchestra to check for any instruments which may be slightly out of tune.

The really exciting bit comes next…

At the touch of a button, the programme will start to play corrective vibrational sequences back to the out of balance structures, with the results shown on screen.

Repeated, corrective signals can be made until the target tissue normalises.


That’s not all

Another tool provides for energetic balancing of the acupuncture system.

Additional tools allow me to choose closely matched homeopathic remedies & indeed to create them in a special attachment unique to your body.

It will also indicate appropriate allopathic drugs, herbs, suitable foods, gems & food supplements.


At the click of a button, Deirdre can:

  • send corrective vibrations to the area out of balance

  • see results in real time on screen

  • send repeated corrective signals until the target tissue normalises

  • give a reading of the mental & emotional state

Your consultation with Deirdre includes:

The consultation is 90mins.

a health history questionnaire
a full body scan, including all tissues & structures
investigation of any areas of personal interest
corrective treatment, if needed
a remedy, if required (additional cost)

* It is important to note that while these systems give an enormous amount of information, Deirdre does not use them to ‘diagnose’ conditions. Your current health state will be reviewed by using the health history questionnaire, current signs/symptoms experienced by the client & the added inout of the Bio-Resonance machine. *


"I tried everything to build my daughter's immune system, but the stye on her eye refused to go away.

I took her for Bio-Resonance & the machine said she had Herpes Simplex in many different parts of her body, from her spleen, liver to lymphatic system.

Initially, we went for Bio-Resonance every 2 weeks, in addition to some nutritional & lifestyle changes. After several sessions her stye went away.

When the virus was under control, we went every month.

Today, I am able to keep on top of the virus so that it doesn't impact her immune system anymore."


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