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The Consultation

At Complete Health Solutions, you will be seen by a fully qualified and registered practitioner. Each consultation is on a 1-1 basis, either in person or online. The advice is always individualised, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Outcomes will be based on a detailed health assessment, patient goals, dietary preferences and lifestyle.


The Healing Power of Light

If you have been micromanaging your food, rotating through prescriptions & supplements & exercising regularly without the full relief of your symptoms, then you must know that there is something missing.

When it comes to health Deirdre includes an essential element of health when treating her clients. It turns out that our light environment & connection to Mother Nature impacts every area of our health.



New to Complete Health Solutions.

A face-to-face, non-invasive experience. Bio-Resonance is a form of vibrational healing which scans the entire body, identifying disharmony within 8 layers of body structures & tissues, right down to your DNA. The machine allows corrective frequencies to alter & improve imbalances or pathogens located in specific areas, restoring harmony within the body.

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Functional Testing

Functional Testing is used by many practitioners as it provides a snapshot of your current health status. It provides valuable information on how optimally your body is functioning and can confirm or rule out suspected ROOT causes of many symptoms. It offers a baseline from which we can measure your progress.