Ever wondered, ‘Why the hell does she go on about the sun so much?’

Well…here you go

The sun does much more than vitamin D production.

This is what it actually does:

– Ever wondered why you feel good in the sun? It produces feel good hormones & endorphins.
– Have fertility or hormonal issues? It’s probably related to light deficiency.
– Did you know that your gut bacteria require light in order to work effectively?
– Have thyroid issues? Yes…you’ve guessed it. The thyroid requires sunlight in order to work.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Never worry, I am here to teach you everything.

Here’s what you should know right now:
– Research shows that our light environment is related to 80% of disease.
– Red & Infrared light (sunrise & sunset) is healing & reduces inflammation.
– UVA light produces hormones & neurotransmitters (even those that are needed for sleep).
– UVB is needed for vit D & cortisol production.
– Blue light (from screens & lights) confuses the body.
– Artificial light at night is depleting our body of everything it needs to function.
– Cancer is believed to be related to increased use of blue light technology & LED lights (with a rise seen in office workers).

So, what can you do today?
– Download d minder & circadian apps to track the sun & your vit D production.
– Get outside- wake up earlier & see the end of the sunrise & the start of UVA  (even 3 mins will make a difference).
– Get those bare feet on the ground.
– Invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses & wear when using screens or under artificial light.
– Stop wearing sun glasses. If you wear glasses/contact lenses, sit outside without them, even for a short time.
– See the sunset & block blue light at night.

We need to begin connecting back to Mother Earth.

It is that simple.

It is hard for people to comprehend that achieving optimal health can be so easy & FREE.

Thankfully all of my clients are investing wisely in someone like me- qualified in circadian quantum biology & nutrition.

No fad diets, overuse of supplements or quick fixes here. My goal is to bring balance & connection to the body, mind & spirit.

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