"In December, my son was diagnosed with Covid-19 and while I was negative, I had a bad chest infection. Deirdre was able to advise us on the best practices for supporting our immune system. Within days I could feel my chest clearing and my son was a lot brighter. I would definitely recommend Complete Health Solutions for all your health needs."

Adele, Newry

"Deirdre was fantastic for me. She was like a detective studying my diet and lifestyle, identifying where I was going wrong and then she put me on a new path. She was very professional and the results have made a huge difference, even to this day."

Richard, Belfast

"Having tried many pharmaceutical and traditional medical approaches for severe inflammatory and gastrointestinal conditions, I was desperate to find a treatment plan which would really give me a better quality of life.

Deirdre undertook a full assessment and detailed medical history to deliver an individual plan which worked.
She developed a plan which not only encourages me to look after my body, but tailored an evidenced-based, natural, balanced diet.

Deirdre ensured that my plan was practical so I could manage with a busy life.
She ensured I understood the reason behind each approach to assist me to recognise, from my body, any adjustments which were required.

My quality of life improved significantly, in particular the anti-inflammatory diet.
I know that anyone who requires help with nutrition, natural healing, with an honest approach that works, will benefit with Deirdre.

The results were quicker than I thought.

This unique level of understanding underpins her practice and success for clients."

Coleen, Warrenpoint

"I went to see Deirdre as I was having a lot of bloating and my skin, particularly on my head, was itching and dry. Following her advice, I eliminated a number of allergens, some things I would never have thought of as being potential allergens, and I realised that gluten was a big issue for me. With all her knowledge and suggestions of alternatives, it has actually been really easy for me to put this new eating lifestyle into practice. I haven’t looked back and I feel great!"

Alan, Belfast

"I found Deirdre extremely professional and her advice sound. The diet changes and general advice improved my wellbeing and gave me more energy. I found the handouts and information shared helpful and clear. As a result, I continue to use Deirdre's recommendations months after my consultations."

Deirdre, Donegal